KMGD is a laboratory for creativity that stands in the middle of the venn-diagram of business, music, and technology. We use the avant garde to move your business forward.

According to Kafka, “Music is the sound of the soul, the direct voice of the subjective world.”1 He says humans “vibrate in response to their environment.” 1 At KMGD, we believe this and music is at the heart of our design practice.

Our principal, Kevin Golden, found design through music, and this is the laboratory for a temporal business and design strategy that answers what you need now and in the future, not what worked in the past.

We help our clients organize like an orchestra, so they can shine like one. We bring this beauty to business that is uncommon in the space. We push to be at the edge so that you can continue to shine and adapt your design practice to the future, rather than what has worked in the past.

Let’s talk about making visual music together.

Kevin has worked with companies like Microsoft, T-Mobile, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, The Los Angeles Times, among many others.

To take a look at Kevin’s work, reach out to to request a private showing of his portfolio.

1. Maria Popova, “Kafka on the Power of Music and the Point of Making Art, The Marginalian, March, 7, 2017,